Matchrapporter 16 September

The Malmö Rugby Club players had a lot to do last Saturday. The men's team went to Norrköping with the hope of securing their third consecutive win, which would also guarantee them the top spot. On the other hand, the Skåne ladies traveled to Enköping for their first semi-final.



After two big wins in a row, first against Vänersborg/Karlstad and then last weekend in Göteborg (7-49), our men's team was off to Norrköping.


MRC opened the scoring but was quickly overtaken. Running after the score, our boys made a stunning comeback and an avalanche of tries. Lindsay Armstrong's troops put up a brave fight and came close to success, but ended up losing 38-27 in an open game with plenty of thrills and spills. With only four substitutes, and playing part of the match with 14 men after a yellow card, our boys can be proud of the fight they put up.


Among the try scorers, Chase Riemer and Albin Malmborn scored one each, and our captain Samuel Ahlbeck scored a hat-trick to secure an attacking bonus point.


Our thoughts are obviously with our fly-half and kicker Måns Jacobsson, who suffered a fractured cheekbone while defending with all his heart and soul, and to whom we wish a speedy recovery. We'd also like to thank the three Pingvin players who came to help us on this important fixture against Trojan.



Skånelaget's objective was clear: another victory over Enköping Rugbyklubb, whom they had just defeated the previous weekend in Lund (29-0), to finish second in the regular season.


Ten of the 23 players entered represented Malmö Rugby Club: Gabriella Andre Eninge, Linnéa Flyman, Greta Aurell, Sara Jacobsson, Johanna Tingvall Gustafsson, Léa Risberg, Louise Gahnström, Kosovare Mezini, Julia Andersson, and Jill Lundström. The coaching trio also included two Malmö players, Jacob Heartman and Willy Liadouze.


It was a very close contest, where both teams fought a relentless battle. The match got off to a cracking start, with both sides making repeated offensives.

Our team opened the scoring in the first half, thanks to a breakthrough by Sara Jacobsson, who (like her brother Måns) was repositioned at fly-half for this fixture. That superb try was perfectly converted by our fullback Léa Risberg. In the second half, our forwards continued to do a tremendous job, while our backs displayed remarkable spirit and skill under pressure. Sara scored her second try, taking the score to 0-12.


Our players showed remarkable defensive skills and kept the opposition at bay for a clean sheet of 75 minutes. ERK managed to score a try towards the end of the game, but our team's defensive effort dashed their hopes of a victory. The final play saw Johanna Tingvall Gustafsson execute a fantastic tackle, sending her opponent out of bounds and securing our team's triumph. Final score: 7-12.


The Skåneladies take the lead in this first semi-final. Congratulations again to our opponents from Enköping for this tough battle, and to our Malmö players who put in a superb performance alongside their teammates from Lugi and Pingvin.


The second leg of the semi-final against Enköpings Rugbyklubb will take place in Malmö on September 30th at Lindängen’s pitch. This will be followed by the MRC men's match against Vänersborg/Karlstad.


A great day of rugby where your support will be crucial, Vi ses nästa Lördag!


Monday, September 18th

Willy Liadouze

A team picture after Skånelaget’s success this weekend in Enköping.


 A team picture after MRC’s success last weekend in Göteborg.

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