Try Rugby

Looking to try something new?

We know that people feel better when they stay active, and we need all body types, tall, short, slim, big.

In rugby there is a place for everyone!

Take a look at the training schedule to find the right time and place. Kids turning six this year or younger are U6, kids turning seven or eight this yeas are U8, kids turning nine or ten this year are U10 and so on.

What do I need?
  • Training clothes like T-shirt and shorts or longer shirt and pants, preferable without hood and metal parts.
  • Football shoes with studs if you have them, running shoes or sneakers works in the beginning.
  • Water bottle
  • U10 and older; If you have a mouth guard, bring it. You don't need it the first couple of times, but it's the first thing you should invest in if you want to keep playing so you can participate wholly.  (The club sell Sisu mouth guards at a  favorable price and cheaper brands can be found i sports stores.)