MRC oldboys wins Scandinavian 7’s

MALMÖ RC Oldboys wins the Oldboys category in Copenhagen SCANDINAVIAN 7s 2017.

Having opened up the competition in their group with convincing victories against DRU Exiles (DEN) and Erritsö Veterans (DEN), Malmö Oldboys then overpowered CSR Nanok in the semifinal, to claim the thrpphy after they outfoxed the favorites West Coast Master (SWE) in the final.

The winnings (200 €) were spent in the clubhouse, on beer that tasted like heaven. Cheers Boys!!

The Champions are:
Cristian Suciu
Inge Dahlstedt
Martin Spandet
Michael Wallengren Lynch
Björn Magnusson
Henrik Ekehage
Boris Polimac
Marius Daniel Oros
Vasile Grosu (C)
Erik Lundqvistt
Per Bengtsson
Jonas Björnström
Erlingur Bjarni Hinriksson
Peter Wulff